Kate Sansom




curated 'Licked,' March 24th - April 27th, 2019 licked




'Untitled,' 2018 part of Communauté, EVAC, London, Ontario




'Sociable,' Carl Louie, April 21 - May 26, 2018




'A Kiss, A Friendly One' part of Rich and Famous Magazine Issue 3, March 2018




'Men, Money,' 2017 and 'Not Because She Didn't Try,' 2017, part of 'In Commerce Court' 2018




curated 'Jealousy In the Bath,' November 2017




Kate Sansom Home Office 004 'Home Office 004' part of Hütti Ludlow 38, April 9–May 7, 2017




Diary 001: Sons and Daughters of Analysts, 2017




 'Cool Sex' part of 'Extimacy' at Kunsthalle Bern, 2016



'Scenery is Here, Wish you Were Beautiful,' part of Assets, Rowing, London, 2016


Assets, Rowing, London, June 2016




'Nissan Yogurty,' at Chrystal Gallery, 2015




Kate Sansom Nothing is Free In Waterworld 'Nothing is Free In Waterworld,' part of Science Fiction 01, at Or Gallery, June 27- August 1, 2009




'Grow OP' at Emily Carr University, April 1- June 1, 2008




Kate Sansom models 'Models' at Emily Carr University, 2008